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Charlotte Centre block Template set for HandpiecingCharlotte Centre Pack, EPP and AcrylicsCharlotte Curved Hex Block, EPP and AcrylicsCharlotte Hex block EPP and AcrylicsCharlotte Full Pack, EPP with AcrylicsCharlotte Centre EPP, NO ACRYLICS

Charlotte Quilt Pattern

My latest Quilt Pattern..”Charlotte” is now available. The finished quilt measures 85″ square and features Hand Piecing, EPP and Needle Turn Applique…so collect all of those special fabrics and get started. Everything you need to begin is contained on this page.

I have created the central quilt section using option 1 and hand pieced this. However don’t despair there are now EPP / acrylic packs available for this section. If you have already purchased the templates for hand piecing and now would like to use the EPP method then you will need  option 6 .

Option 3 and 4 will be used for the outer curved hexagon and hexagon/diamond blocks. NOTE that the outer curved hexagon block is larger than those in the centre.

All of the EPP/Acrylic packs are available  individually for your convenience….or purchase them as one pack (option 5).

Please note that the pattern is ordered separately in the drop down menu, and is NOT part of the options below.

1. Template Set for American Hand Piecing the quilt centre.

2. EPP with acrylic templates pack for Quilt Centre.

3. EPP with acrylic templates pack for Outer Border Curved Hexagon Blocks

4. EPP with acrylic templates pack for  Outer Border  Hexagon/Diamond  Blocks

5. Full  EPP Pack  with acrylic templates  for…  Quilt Centre Section, Curved Hexagon and Hexagon / Diamond blocks for the outer border.

6. This pack is ** SPECIAL**…..if you have already purchased the acrylic templates to make the centre blocks but would now like to use the EPP method, then this pack contains ONLY THE PAPERS…..NO ACRYLIC TEMPLATES (please use the hand piecing templates you have already purchased).

7. If you are picking up your order at Sydney Quilt Show you will need to add this option to your cart as well please (no charge)

See below some of the fabrics I have used…Cream block back ground, Teal for borders…all others feature in the outer hex blocks.







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