What a wonderful weekend I have just enjoyed out in country NSW…..thank you so much to Chooky for organizing this 2 day workshop for the ladies and of course giving me a bed for 3 nights.

None of the ladies have ever done needle turn appliqué using freezer paper on the wrong side of their chosen fabric, but they all embraced the idea and went home having had learnt something new.

At least one of the ladies will continue (hopefully) to finish her work using the English method of appliqué…..and if this works for you….then do it ! It doesn’t matter what method you use just use the one that suits you best.

The project for the weekend was my Feeling Blue pattern and some of the ladies chose blue whilst others chose red….they will all look great when finished I am sure.

Ok really sorry, I cant seem to turn this image around no matter how hard I try….but there is a happy Chooky in there somewhere…

 I just love taking pictures of our wonderful country so here are a few images of the drive out….

and of course the “3rd Child” hasn’t left my side since I arrived home yesterday…

 And to finish of the weekend with this great sunset….just beautiful.


thanks again Chooky for a great weekend….the cup works just fine and the chocolates are almost gone!


Until next time